Annual Delegate Report from General Service Conference

  1. 65th General Service Conference - April 19-25, 2015

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Monthly Area 55 Delegate's Report

Report from the August 20, 2017 Area 55 General Service Assembly

John said that he and the Panel attended the State Conference and represented the Area well. John said he and Henry will be at the Regional Forum in Springfield, Illinois in November and they will also be at the State Planning Committee meeting. John said there are things going on at the State Conventions that we need to stop doing and go by the Guidelines. He said he and Henry stated their opinions at the meeting after the State Convention in Columbus and were chastised for it. However, they are going to continue voicing these things at the next State Planning Committee meeting. He said the State Conference in Columbus had a profit of $1,000.00. When we had the State Convention here, we had a profit of $9,000.00. John said we have a lot of good speakers in Ohio that we can use instead of bringing in and paying for speakers to come in from more remote Areas. He said he believes our Area is very responsible financially to the entire body. John said we have the Chairman of the General Service Conference, Rick W., from New York coming in to speak at our Mini-Conference.  We also have our new East Central Regional Trustee, Mark E., coming in to speak as well. Also, our Trustee-At-Large, Bob W., will also be doing a PowerPoint presentation about our Trustees travelling to other countries. For the first time ever, all of our General Service Conference materials will be translated into French and Spanish in addition to English when Henry goes to the Conference next year. John asked that we support our Districts in their Workshops. A lot of Districts didn't know how to support the Area and he and Henry's trips have really helped to educate people and they have been more than willing to help. John also said that if you are planning to run for Alternate Delegate that you please let your family know that you will be doing a lot of travelling. John had some numbers from New York. He said the 7/27 Challenge numbers are not it yet but they will be having a meeting on this soon. He said there were 92 group contributions totaling $3906.00. Contributions to the Birthday Club from that was $245.00. Two special event contributions totaled $1,986.00. 16 Individual contributions totaled $495.00. 5 Individual Birthday contributions totaled $528.00. 37 Groups contributed $2,185.00. Total Contributions from all Birthdays and Special Events was $3,114.09. Total contributions from all sources was $10,161.23. If you would like to know how much your District contributed in total, John has those numbers. We have $1,800.00 at minimum that we plan to contribute toward Henry's trip to New York next Spring so keep your contributions coming in. Any problems or changes to your group's or District's information, please simply email John at