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  1. 65th General Service Conference - April 19-25, 2015

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Monthly Area 55 Delegate's Report

Report from the April 15, 2018 Area 55 General Service Assembly

Henry C. present his report as Delegate for Panel 68. He wanted to thank everyone for their participation in the Area 55 Mini Conference. There were with scholarships 233 registered participants. In comparison: Area 53 had 116 registered, Area 54 had 130 registered and Area 56 had 86 participants. He also mentioned that if we had covered the expenses for the staff member from New York it would have cost the mini conference an additional approximate $700-800. He made mention that some of the more controversial issues no action taken. The censure and re-organization of the AA board of trustees, did not come out of committee in Area 53. In Area 56 the trustee committee reviewed censure along with re-organization, 5 votes were taken ended up having no action taken. In Area 54, the literature committee considered the pamphlet "The God Word", long discussion convened and after 3 votes no action taken. This pamphlet was written for the atheist/agnostic. The circle and triangle is considered an ancient symbol and cannot be trademarked. Hence any group can use the symbol. For the state convention, the program once completed will be posted on the area website. We are also asking each delegate to bring one speaker as well as one panelist for each panel we will be having during the weekend. The litigation was discussed and the final cost was $452,702 for the manuscript issue at this time. Both parties had reached a settlement of the issue. He did mention in positive news that last year 80% of the budget needed for GSO came from individual and group contributions. Meaning that as a fellowship we are 20% away from being completely self-supporting via our own contributions. The office had excess funds after literature sales in a 17% increase from 2016. Area officers will be traveling to Columbus May 5 to update the planning of the Ohio State Convention as well as voting on any issue to be resolved. We hope for support from all of Ohio for the convention, including participation from Al-Anon in the area as well as from the state. Henry is leaving April 20 for New York. His committee will be completing the review of the budgets from New York since all audits have now been completed. He is also a non-voting member regarding military are outlying areas. May 12 will be the next Host Committee planning meeting for the 62nd Ohio State Convention, 10am at Central Office. Respectfully Submitted, Henry C. Panel 68, Area 55 Delegate.